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P.O. Box 18555
Tucson, AZ 85731


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Additional Questions



These will be considered electronic signatures and are enforceable as such under law.


1) I have read the CHET-SE Statement of Faith and the CHET-SE By-laws.

I believe, agree with, and affirm the CHET-SE Statement of Faith and I shall refrain from propagating any beliefs or ideas in contradiction to this Statement of Faith. In addition, I affirm my agreement with the CHET-SE By-laws. 

Please type ONE PARENT name AND the date.

  2) I have read/reviewed the CHET-SE Dress Code and Conduct Guidelines to or with my child(ren).  

I will ensure that my children will abide by the CHET-SE dress and conduct guidelines.

**Parents, please review these guidelines yourselves before discussing with your younger child(ren).**

Please type ONE PARENT name AND the date.

  3) I certify that I (we) homeschool (use parent-directed materials to educate) at least one child in our family, OR I am a CHET-SE alumni (with approval). 
If you have a child in preschool (which is under the mandatory affidavit-filing age of 6 years old), and you are homeschooling him/her using a parent-directed curriculum, you are eligible to join CHET-SE.

Please type ONE PARENT name AND the date.

  4) All STUDENTS in grade 6 and above. 

I have read the CHET-SE Dress Code and Conduct Guidelines, and I agree to abide by them. 

Please type STUDENT name(s) AND the date. For students under age 11, please indicate "N/A".


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CHET-SE Permission & Release Form  - PLEASE SIGN & DATE

This form must be completed by all members and guests to participate in any activity

I, the undersigned parent/guardian, do hereby grant permission for my child(ren) listed above to participate in CHET-SE Activities. In order that my child may receive the proper medical treatment in the event that he/she may sustain injury or illness during any CHET-SE activity, I hereby authorize a supervising adult to obtain or provide medical treatment for my son/daughter for such injury or illness during the CHET-SE activity, and I hereby hold CHET-SE, as well as its representatives, harmless in the exercise of this authority. I hereby release from any liability CHET-SE and all adult supervisors and class helpers in the event of any accident en route to or during activities. I further acknowledge and understand that I will be responsible for any medical bills that may be incurred on behalf of my son/daughter for physical illness or injury that he/she may sustain during any CHET-SE activity.

I also understand that the P.E. Program includes activities such as running, jumping, stretching, and other physical exertion to benefit the students. Understanding that there is always a possibility that my son/daughter may sustain physical illness or injury, I acknowledge and understand that my son/daughter is assuming the risk of injury or illness by his/her participation, and I further release CHET-SE and its representatives from any claims for personal illness or injury that my son or daughter may sustain during P.E. activities.

I am aware that if my child has a medical condition that prevents or prohibits him/her from participating in any P.E. activity (i.e. running, jumping, stretching) I must notify the P.E. Coach on the day of participation. 

 Please type your name & today's date below to agree with the Permission & Release.

This will be considered an electronic signature and is enforceable as such under law.


For new members: I understand that my membership will not be confirmed until my registration payment is received.

For renewing members: I understand that I must submit my registration payment on or before 08/17/2024 or incur a $5 late fee.

PLEASE allow two weeks for processing of your payment and membership. To expedite this process, please send an email to Kureen Schwarz, CHET-SE treasurer, at [email protected] and let her know:
  1. Date the check is mailed to:
    Tucson, AZ 85731
    P.O. Box 18555
  2. Number on the check. This will help us track your payment and notify you if we do not receive it.
    Membership dues ($35) for new and renewing members may be mailed to the above address prior to/postmarked by 8/17/2024.  New members must submit dues immediately after registration to gain access to the website. Please see our Returned Check Policy here.

After 08/17/2024, the late fee + dues will be $40 for renewing members only.